12-12-12: Sharing a Golden Birthday

For awhile now I’ve contemplated what to do for my birthday which happens to land this year on the once in a lifetime 12-12-12, just a few days out.  As a person who dances freely between being an extrovert and introvert my plans have gone from 12 days of Animal House style partying to ignoring the entire affair. Through much contemplation I’ve decided to intentionally plan some key activities and events that meld those two competing sides of myself together into a day that honors who I am, what I do and what inspires me year round. I’m still taking suggestions for event #12. So the question is, what else should I do to celebrate my 35th year of life? What’s missing from the list?

1. Write a love letter to my grandmother
2. A random act of kindness
3. Make a wish at 12:12 on 12/12/12 
4. Attend a class at Skillshare
5. Rock climb
6. Call an old friend
7. Cook a new meal from scratch 
8. Watch the meteor showers
9. Break a rule
10. Go on a walk/hike
11. Do nothing/sit in silence for 15 minutes 

12. (Leave your suggestions for #12 in the comment section).

And yes, you read that right, I am 35 feisty years old and still taking life just a tad too seriously.


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